Bluesfest,Good Friday and the Blind Boys
May 11, 2011 – 8:45 pm | 3 Comments

1985 was a good year. I had been working on the Gold Coast for 4 years as a School Chaplain/ R E teacher, my wife Felicity was pregnant with our first son Zach, and we …

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One Hit Wonder

Submitted by on February 19, 2009 – 4:18 pm

onehitwonderWhat if everyone in the world gave you one dollar? Have you wondered what you’d do with it? Our aim is to gather 7.29 million dollars, one dollar at a time, and then give it away to the world’s poorest communities. Here’s how we seek to do it…

The world is amazingly connected. Currently 729 million people across the world have internet access. Imagine if 1% of those participated and gave a dollar—that would amount to over 7 million dollars to give away to those who need it most. Not bad for a measly dollar!

On Dec 25, 2008 we’ll begin to give away every dollar, 90% to the poorest communities in developing countries, and 10% will be used for community development projects within Australia. The money will be given through various organisations across the globe covering many regions and need.

Not one dollar will be used for administration or any other associated expenses. These operational costs will be covered by us and our partners.

We encourage you to check out onehitwonder

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