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October 26, 2010

I finally have some help with the website- not my gig at all in terms of how content appears on it.

turnerI was talking to a mate today and said, look give me a set of plans or say I want a house built here, or fix something mechanical that’s broken, I’ll do it, with glee.  Yet ask me to work out how to get to the ‘back end’ of a website? hmmm, I need help. It’s great to know ones capabilities and it follows that it’s a great attribute to make friends easily and not mind asking for help.

Which I won’t do if Flec and I are driving somewhere and I need directions, but I will do if I need technical help- the two go together these days though, if you need directions, my biggest problem is finding help loading the GPS.

Anyway speaking of direction, my work at the Mapleton campsite has taken on a new target of late, as we have been downloading (now there’s a great techy term) a new mission plan for the overall place, in particular for our Outdoor Ed crew.

It’s not really new in the sense of something extra, but more value adding to what is already an excellent program that currently caters for around 25,000 campers yearly.  This is about making good better and working toward making life and longevity of the Outdoor Education crew an outcome, along with more take-home Kingdom pictures for our campers and their teachers.

A tall order but with a well resourced camping community of 40+ staff, established well in the local community with a great name already among schools that is booked out a year ahead, it is really worth putting time into making something the best it can be.

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