Campfire Chaplains

October 12, 2015

There’s a great connecting point in the outdoors where the Creator, humankind and creation meet in a unique way. In the bush or the beach a dance begins and can last a brief moment in time or can just go on and on, depending on time, freedom and the ‘right’ location. It often happens with a careful, in touch instructor or guide.

Jesus was at home in his creation, his big garden, and with this backdrop he shared truths of the Kingdom with his disciples and the throngs of fellow dance lovers gathered.
The outdoors provides you with all sorts of opportunities for challenge and discussion- some immediately useful and some, well, can be useful to the skilled guide but at the given critical moment, can appear to be raining on your parade.

These days and as always really but more evident these days, there are oodles of beliefs and ideas about the meaning of life, our beginnings, endings and middlings-my word for what happens in between start and finish of life.

It seems the great outdoors will often bring many of these musings to light of day or night and allow for sometimes vigorous but often quiet reflective discussions about where to from here in life.
This Campfire Chaplains gig is about helping us who work with young people in the big garden, to think about how we make the connection between what we are seeing, doing and thinking, to life’s realities and challenges for young impressionable lives.

If your interested then come along for the journey and we will learn from each other.
Along with input from experienced people practitioners, discussions, good food and activities we will be book ended our sessions around the series, ‘For the Life of the World’ – Letters to the Exiles.


Campfire Chaplains

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