forge logoForge is an innovative mission training network that seeks to equip Christian leaders for mission in a first world setting. Forge recognises the enormous cultural shifts that have occurred in the world over the last few decades and is committed to developing leaders who can live and serve incarnationally, who have a holistic view of life and mission and who are able to re-think church structures recognising that one size does not fit all. Forge encourages the dreamers, entrepreneurs and the risk takers in our churches to boldly seek new expressions of church and new approaches to mission so that we can be genuinely connected to the heartbeat of Australian society. The Forge dream is to see both new missional communities birthed and established churches encouraged to refocus on the task of misson here in the Australian context.

Forge has emerged in Australia at a time when it is widely agreed that we find ourselves in a new mission context. In our present cultural climate most experienced evangelists and missionaries recognise that intentional mission responses and church planting is the most effective approach. FORGE is a bold initiative which specifically addresses these challenges by linking experienced mission practitioners with emerging missional leaders. FORGE aims to focus its energy on developing leadership that can understand the missional challenge and proactively develop strategies, approaches and teams, to be able to take the church onto new and uncharted ground.