“Helping birth and nurture the Missional Church .”

We aim to achieve this by:

  • By creating environments where the missional imagination of God’s people is awakened, nurtured and developed.
  • By focusing on training for a distinctly pioneering type of ministry and leadership
  • By stimulating a distinctive missional understanding and approach to church
  • By coordinating an energetic network of pioneering leaders and practitioners focused on the task of mission
  • By developing and operating internship style training in various population zones across Australia
  • By offering ongoing support and consultations to partnering denominations and other para-church agencies on issues relating to pioneering mission in Australia
  • By developing resources to help raise awareness of issues relating to missions-to-the-west


  • holistic approach to mission
  • action learning approach to missional leadership development
  • culturally-appropriate mission methodology in all settings
  • a grassroots movement ethos
  • a diversity of approaches and models
  • intentionally networked structure
  • networked cross-denominational structures
  • a passionate action-based spirituality
  • creativity, innovation and experimentation in all we do
  • the priority of modelling for leadership and mission
  • coaching and mentoring