Sarah Williams on Communitas

February 27, 2009

forge logoCommunitas poem by Sarah Williams

I dream of a world that is full of holistic,
heavenly communities.  I dream of a cost; it is the most costly
of all costs

I dream of diversity where people of all
nations live together in harmony.  but one in which we are invited to find
our lives again.

I dream of a place where the broken-
hearted can come and be set free.  I dream of a journey, one with many
hurdles and brick walls.

A place where the last will be first and the first last.  I dream of relationships, striving together
with blood, sweat and tears.

I believe in being the people of God
together despite creeds and denominations
– Til that day when Jesus comes and welcomes us home again.

I dream of a place where church is life,  He says good and faithful servant,
Heaven has come to Earth!
where we experience that “life” to the
full in Jesus.

Sarah Williams was an intern with Forge Vic in 2006.