Forge Australia Reboot Welcomed

December 1, 2010

About 80 people gathered last night at South Pine Community Church hall to hear Michael Frost and Peter Breen talk about having Tough Conviction in an Easy World. There are so many options and easy outs these days and multiple reasons to give up and justify moving on, but the walk of faith is as Eugene Peterson put it, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society -1980 IVP.

The South Pine crew made heaps of great coffee and people were entertained by Stephen Drinkall who played sets between speakers. Steve works passionately among the Missional Church crew in Sth East Qld, visiting, providing resources and discussion forums with Postcard Radio nights along with keeping the Pathway Collective motoring.

Peter Breen brought along some Graffiti art from Jugglers Art Space and spoke about his passion for this massive subculture of artists from all walk of life. Pete, like me has a passion for the graffiti artists of the world who see the world as their canvas and being an artist and poet himself he finds himself right at home amidst his faith and the local growing arts community. Jugglers has an open night on the first Friday of each month in Brunswick St, Bris, where a large crew gather and various art is displayed and sold. Pete held up a piece of Art paint that had fallen off the wall after 10+yrs of multiple graffiti art on the walls at Jugglers- Amazing story, Amazing man. Michael Frost wrote about Peter Breen as one of his ‘Holy Fools’ in his book Jesus the Fool- being republished in the US.

Frosty spoke on the signs of the Kingdom from Luke 10-16, reminding us as Jesus reminded the Jewish audience of his day that Kingdom life is about giving the individual dignity and respect in all we do- something to be reminded of  today on World Aids Day. His next point was the currency of the Kingdom is repentance as a response to the grace of God shown to us and that at the end of the day and the end of ourselves- repentance is our only way to turn from a life without God. Finally, anger, even well deserved righteous, well intentioned self justified anger needs to be re-channeled into forgiveness and grace.

Glenys Johnson from UC in Mansfield also told a brief story about 80 of her people going through the Exilio course which is the training course that Michael Frost wrote to go with his book Exiles. Glenys said there has a been a significant turnaround and shift in the way her church group now think about mission and living life as Christians.

The training pack available from Forge comes with Exiles book, summary training video on Mike teaching on each chapter, a training guide and Ignition book for a 12 week missional imagination journey through Acts.  Email Steve for more info at

It has been 12 months since the last Forge event in Melbourne and what has been a sabbatical from events. There have been requests for events like this one, where the crew who want to think differently about being a faith community/church; living a life of unfettered discipleship in a post modern world and helping their friends to begin a walk with Jesus realizing the Kingdom is right where they are – can gather and feel encouraged in their service that flies under the radar of normal church life. More in 2011 with Michael Frost , Darryl Gardiner, Mick Duncan, Shane Claiborne, and others.