February 2014 Forge News

February 20, 2014
Johannes Klupfel

One of the privilege’s of being a Minister with the Churches of Christ is being able to marry couples we have been discipling over a long time. Matt Turner married Anna Greentree in February in Toowoomba.

Marry Couples

Best mate 

While in Toowoomba for the wedding I got to catch up with two ol mates, John Gouldson, our former High School teacher and basketball coach and Les Wuersching, my best mate who I share a birthday with on the 7th Feb. Great to have brothers like this still walking with the Lord.


Marley Conlon died at 24 on Feb 8. He is the son of good friends Max and Tracey Conlon and nephew of Gomer and Denise Conlon who I work with. Marley stayed at our home recently for Gomer and Traceys daughter Alinta’s wedding reception held on our block. Marley was friend of all, had an infectious laugh and loved Jesus. RIP Brother.

forge training

Forge began training interns again this year in Greater Western Sydney at Glenbrook, MT Druit and Quakers Hill. Around 20 started the training run by Michael Frost , Matt Lucas and Steve Turner

valentines dinner

During the Forge Training block we took time out to help out Pastor Dave Eco from the Wesleyan Church in MT Druit. They were running a Valentines night dinner for their youth and young adults. Dave runs feeding programmes and loves the opportunity to partner with Forge for some training of his Leaders.


I spent 2 days with the staff at CYC campsite at Burleigh Heads, training them in some operating principles and mission focus.

different conversation

Flis and I went along to A Different Conversation with our son Zach and another friend from Goodlife Church, Darryl Payne to support listen and learn. This conference was significant and was about educating and learning to help the Church and Christians to dialogue with the Gay and Lesbian Communities- LGBTIQ; rather than the usual shutting down and talk to my hand type attitude. The conference was held in Darlinghurst Sydney where 30% of the community identifies with LGBTIQ and many of these people along with 1000’s of others have a faith in Jesus but know where to go. Interesting and helpful time.

zach turner

Zach Turner interviewing Louisa Wall, MP from New Zealand.



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