In Qld, Forge works with thhelping local churches discover the possibilities for mission in their neighbourhoods and trains them to engage in those areas. Stopping church programmes and starting involvement in community events already running is a key strategy in how they work with local churches. Clean Up Australia day is one event Forge has encouraged with churches with around 20 getting involved in 2011. They work closely with other mission agencies and facilitate  a missional network encompassing a broad range of small groups trying to further a Christian incarnational impulse and the missional church in Qld. Forge also broker training days and events for denominations purposed around where they are headed in mission.

The Queensland Forge Team

Steve and Felicity Turner

Steve and Felicity live on Qld’s Sunshine Coast with some of their five children and a fluctuating group of university students and other ring in travellers who share community with them. Steve and Flec help lead Joshua tree[Jt] a Missional Community on the coast that connects people to their local communities in mission and service. Jt raises funds for building projects in South Africa where Steve helps train mission teams with J Life. Joshua tree and locals, run ‘shed nights’ at the Turners place as a way of connecting a wide group of people of different beliefs together around music, food and relationships and faith.